Food Soulmates

food soulmates: how you mix matters

Like with any good relationship, you want to find someone who compliments you, and makes you better than you would be on your own. Food is no different! Check out BNI’s latest dynamic duos. When paired together, they offer even more health boosting benefits.

Vitamin C and Iron:  You wouldn’t necessarily think to pair Vitamin C-rich citrus foods with iron-rich kidney beans, but as we all know, sometimes opposites attract. In this case, pairing the two increases iron absorption 3 to 6 fold! Try vegetarian chilli with red bell peppers – they are one hot pair.

Vitamin B6 and Folate: When it comes to relationships, you should always protect your heart. These two essential vitamins will do just that by reducing the risk of heart disease. Add some spinach to your egg for a heart healthy breakfast.

Vitamin E and Selenium: Together, these food soulmates become even more powerful antioxidants and reduce inflammation. This synergistic pair may also protect against prostate cancer. Introduce some kale to your low mercury tuna because they are a great match.

Vitamins C and E: A marriage between these two vitamins is ideal. Studies suggest that together they lower cancer risk and cholesterol. Hazelnuts and strawberries are one sweet couple!

strawberries and hazelnuts mix